Hang in there, it's Friday!!!

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NEW Blogpost on Home Decor: See how ive styled the new Ikea MYRHEDEN frames! Im quite pleased with them, i still need more photos, just waiting to collect more wordy snaps.

I Love Cooking

Such great plans 😂😂😂


My favorite Vogue's 73 Questions with by far!

This will probably be Sophia when she can talk :)))

A Trip To The Kildare Farm

Toddler and Family friendly post: Our day at the Kildare Farm Shop & Open Farm. Would love to hear other recommendations for days out with a 19 month old!

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One of my best light knit to date: this New Look Sisterhood Jumper! I got it from Asos for £19.99 with free delivery (always buy in sterling, it works out cheaper).

Link -
(affiliate link)

H&M are having a great sale online - 10% off all kids clothes AND Free Delivery with Code 6057 at checkout. (affiliate link)

Link -

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The whole family is off again on a weeklong staycation (husband has no passport until October, don't ask 🙄) so it's a great opportunity to do all those jobs around the house I meant to tackle! I'll do a homewear blogpost this week, I mainly got bits from @nextofficial and @ikeaie.


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The look of sheer happiness! This little @monsoon outfit from @homers3rdgirl still going strong!

There are still loads of bargains in the River Island 50% off SALE! (affiliate link)

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New Clarins Double Serum | Review

New Skincare review: The New Clarins Double Serum.

Funny Cards

It's almost autumn sure, it's all about the layers and fat rolls to keep us warm anyway 🙊😂

Last Day of Summer

Both me and my husband are off next week, so im planning a few fun day trips (in between Ikea ones obvs). Glendalough is firmly on the list, hopefully the weather will hold so we can do the full walk.

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Inspired by the grey, autumnal weather today, i got myself two new jumpers! If you consider buying them, switch to £ - i paid the equivalent of €24 instead of €28 for each! (affiliate link)

Link Red Jumper -
Link Yellow Jumper -


Oh I could totally commit to this workout!!!


O M G! its INSANE! You can get your order delivered in ROI with AddressPal ( Its worth getting a big order because the delivery is €15.99

Link to the sale - (affiliate link)

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I just knew that my new @ikeaie glass dome will come in handy one day! It now houses the rare and discontinued @jomalonelondon Vanilla and Anise Cologne that somehow by magic made its way to me.

Christian Hull

Every time i send my husband to the shops: they didn't have it, never heard, doesnt exist 😂😂

Its River Island 50% Off SALE TIME! In store and online! (Affiliate Link)

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The Anti Haul | Things I Won't Be Buying

Fresh new post: An Anti Haul which basically means a list of products and general stuff i wont be buying. Let me know if you enjoy these type of posts, i certainly did.

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Thank you all so much for the feedback on my last blog post, it's truly wonderful to get so much support and kind words. It means a lot! In domestic goddess news, I got so much wear out of these milk bottles from @appassionatalovesflowers. I fill them up with flowers from either @lidlireland or @aldi_ireland, cut the stems short and voila: a cute and dainty flower arrangement!

Pretty 52

It's funny because is true 😂

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New blog post: A chatty ramble of how i feel about blogging and the direction i am taking my blog.

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I am a tiny bit (ok a lot) star print obsessed! Check out these fab new arrivals in New Look, the bag is particular is stunning. (affiliate link)

Bag Link -
Shoes Link -


Kris kindle presents sorted for this year 😂

This is literally me this year 😂😂😂! Just swap Asda with Lidl and Aldi 🙈🙌🏻

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Im sure you know by now that i am an organization freak, so here's how ive styled my HerClutterBox nail polish rack. You dont need to store only nail polishes on it, it makes a great shelf for eyeshadow palettes, skincare and anything else you might want.

Congratulations Suzanne and Dylan!

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Mam outfit of the day: Tshirt + jeans + converse! Recipe of a comfortable, happy day ❤️

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Me and Princess Sophia are posting daily on our Instagram stories about shopping, decor and everything in between.

You can find us on


I was in my early teens in the 90s so butterfly clips, light blue eyeshadow and brown lipstick were LIFE 🙌🏻😂


Cheers to the long weekend! I'll be working but whatever 😂🎉

Story of my life right there! 😂😂😂

There's a little IKEA haul on my Instagram stories if you want to have a look!

I'm @! x

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The new IKEA Dublin collection is fantastic! I'm going in the afternoon to check it out, need to get Sophia a curtain pole and a table and chair. So I'll probably come back with half of shop 😂


The River Island 50% off Sale is still going strong online! (affiliate)

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The New Anastasia SUBCULTURE eye shadow palette is on CultBeauty with free delivery! £41/ €46. What do you think, love it? (affiliate link)

Link -

Im currently in the process of doing Sophia's bedroom and i thought i will share as i go along. We have Venetian blinds but she still needed blackout curtains for her naps and i got the most perfect pink, glittery ones in Next! Oh and a pink chandelier! I bought them online in pounds because it worked out SO MUCH cheaper and used the new An Post Address Pal for delivery.

Link curtains -
Link lamp shade -

(affiliate links)

Think I might try it but without the plastic bobbins 😂😂😂

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Im so proud of my little Mac lipstick collection, all shades that i wear constantly and are super flattering on anyone. Since i published the post i have a couple of new additions so an update is mandatory!

Link -

Currently 🤦🏼‍♀️

Good Housekeeping




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Happy Sunday everyone! I'm currently enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch before I have to go to work and I'm reflecting on my blessings. Sometimes I dread it, but I'm so grateful for my job that allows me being flexible and work around my husbands job, so Sophia can spend as much time with us as possible. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the daily struggles, that it's good to take a step back and take stock of the positives in your life.


Considering this research, I think we should all have prosecco for breakfast 😂

Make It: Kitchen Islands Created with IKEA Products

Another feature im proud of - my DYI Ikea kitchen table over!

Maybe interior decor is my forte :)!

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